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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Few Modification : Apido Turtle

Again, it's about my FZ
I just become a bit hype about getting my first bike
Seeing the bike is classifide as "naked"
I can do modification as in "make-up" as much as I want
So this is how my bike looks like before modification
With stock windshield...And I did changed the side mirror because the original side mirror has lack of visibility. It may cause serious problems
After 1 month fresh, I did add undercowl and fork cover for bulkier body
Few stickers, tank pads, rim lining, and few others.
So this holiday, as I have planned, I want to install Apido Turtle headlamp, which cost me Rm135.
My friend help me brought somewhere at Batu Pahat.

There are few peoples changed to this headlamp. Firstly, it is big, fits with FZ which has smaller headlamp originally. It is also..ummm..stylish? I think. This headlamp is almost looks like headlamp of Aprillia Shiver 750, which stab me in the stomach the most (Wth?). Since the wiring is plug and play, I've decided to bought one. One flaw of this headlamp is, I need to make the bracket myself. I haven't decide who can help me installed it though. I seek help from Johor Fzian Groups. They said I should have bike workshop to install it for me. I was a bit reluctant to have them install because I don't think they know how to do it properly. Plus, they may charge me ridiculously.

However, I have no other choice but to visit a bike workshop that I've been few times before. The workshop is a small branch of Castrol Bike Point. I was a abit nervous though because they have never seen the headlamp before. It takes almost 1 hour to have them install the headlamp. They have a hard time themselves, installing it, which troubles me. What if they charge me more. I don't have extra money in my wallet now. Means I already broke.

 Finally! They have installed it. But something is off. The headlamp looks like a mask for the original headlamp, since the side cover still intact. It makes the headlamp does look weird. But what the heck. I don't like to further things more. So I just packed up and left for home.
 At home, I already felt uneasiness about my bike's new look. I may have regret a bit buying the headlamp. I spent the whole night, thinking about this. My bike look ugleh!! Damn. I might as well ask for help from "otai" of Fzian. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I just bring this bike to KL where FZ150i is more recognized. There I can ask the foreman to adjust the headlamp accordingly. 
*p/s the windshield is not attached.

That night, I can't sleep. First off, there is a reason that doesn't concern you readers, and secondly, I feel bad and regret about buying and installing the headlamp. I'm in dilemma, whether should I leave as it is, or revert back to the original headlamp...Or I could adjust it on my own. Wait a minute, could I? Or I will just making things more awful? Or I will achieve the suitable placement of the lamp. 

It was 3am in the morning. What am I thinking? I have no experience or whatsoever and yet, here I am, with screwdriver. unscrewing everything to oblivion. Lol I may have exaggerated the oblivion part. It is more like that to the part where I could not turn back but carry on. I have check the web for better view how the proper placement of the headlamp. Surprisingly, I did it!
To think back, it was kind of easy. But practically, its not at all. Once I unscrewed everything, all I see is wire cable...and alot of it. I checked each of the wire cable carefully to where it leads to. First off, I need to take off the original side cover that hold signal lamp. Just to transfer it to the cover of headlamp itself. That is when I encounter my first problem. To unplug the wire. That evening, the foreman who installed the headlamp, easily unplug the wire and reattach. That little bitchy wire held together so hard that I bled a bit of my fingertips when pulling them off. I spent the next 30 minutes just to unplug the wire, where lastly, I use to pliers and rip them apart. 
Next step is I attached the signal lamp to the headlamp cover. Afterwards, it becomes a bit easier since I know what to do. What I need is just a little brute force to bend, cut and adjust the bracket. Since I want to adjust the headlamp placement closer to the fork, i have to reduce the length of the bracket. I roughly measure how long that I need to reduce the bracket's length. I struggled a lot in bending the bracket to proper adjustment. Lastly, I attached the headlamp. No need for details. And this is how it looks like in the end. It was almost 6am in the morning. Damn....
There are still alot of work to do though. I still need to hide the bracket which hideously visible from the side. I think I just tape it with black masking tape. Simple and easy. There are also ridiculously large gap between the speedometer and the headlamp. I just need to cover it somehow. I rechecked the web to see whether if they have covered it. Some of them have, others not. Using moped bike windshield to cover the gap looks nice too. But I need to rest first. So goodnight.....

Here are few more pictures of my FZ150i
That's all folks :D

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My FZ150i

FZ stands for?
I think it's Fazer, not so sure though
But for me FZ is already sounds nice

Well, I just bought this 150cc bike around end of september. Not sure when. I forgot.
With Rm3500 cash in my hand for deposit, which I saves for 1 year++
And installment Rm177 for 4 years
Damn commitment
Not sure if I hated it or not
Just play along, I guess..
So this is my FZ150i, my very first bike as soon I passed my (Not sure if to call riding test or driving test though).

So, why did I chose this bike?
Why did I even bought a bike?
Firstly, as I'm studying away, way from home at Perak, I found that it is hard to rely on somebody else's vehicle.
Sometimes I have to take a cab to go somewhere.
They don't use meters, so the fees quite unreasonably high.
With this bike, I can go anywhere I want.

But Ironically, when I brought this bike to Perak, I don't know where to go. That's because I don't really recognized the roads here...yet..

I bought this bike because, I don't want to be seen as what they call "mat rempit" which is very familiar with young and spoiled brats with moped bike (underbone) or especially, 2-stroke bike. Instead, I want the economic features of this bike, they don't burn fuel as much as bikes in same classes, but in exchange for reduced speed. But it is reasonable as it is. I can rev up the bike to 135km/h, which good enough for me to run along the right lane. This bike uses fuel injection, instead of carburetor. As reliable the carburetor it is, fuel injection is the technology that most of high-cc bikes uses as it is to maximized the fuel consumption efficiency. 
Plus it has large tank! 12 liters. My friend already tested it out, with few addition for fuel efficiency in his FZ150i, ron97 Caltex and minimal speed, he can rev the bike up until 600km! I know right?!
FZ150i is classified as naked bike. Relaxing ride for long distance, not so fast, no so slow, just as nice.
As in naked, I can put some "aurat" on it, as in modifications such as the headlamp, undercowl, or even a fairing of R15, R125S, R6, R1, any bikes you want as long you have the bling bling.

As soon as my bike is purchased out from a bike shop somewhere in Dang Wangi, I have to ride in heavy rain. It sucks when it is raining heavily in KL. My father is a bit worry about me as he never saw me rode a clutch-transmission bike. This is my chance to show him that I am capable of riding this bike, even in heavy rain. At first my father suggested that we send the bike to Perak using delivery service but I am strongly against it, seeing to what happen with my friend's bike, using the delivery, with the scratches everywhere.
In the end, he agrees that I rode the bike myself 300km+ to Perak. Not sure I am being crazy or not, but just go with the flow and enjoy my first riding journey

My destination is Manjung, Perak. Riding there for me, not going to be easy. Halfway is through highway, which is extremely boring that I almost asleep in times during the ride. That's dangerous. My bike still in "break-in" state, so I have to rev it up until RPM 5000 only, approximately around 70km/h. Oh god, I feel like the slowest person in the planet.
The challenge is when I have to take normal roads for around 100km/h which does not have much signboard I can rely on. So I missed, not few, but a lot of turns. 3 hours ride, become 6 hours.
I stopped by at KFC somewhere near Teluk Intan, to take a break and fill up my hungry stomach. Everyone looked at me as I strolled in my riding jacket along, which is awesome lol :P my jacket is awesome, alpinestar, which cost me Rm400++. Alpinestar original? Exactly! Well, semi-original actually...

I inquire directions from miss cashier, which surprisingly fast and glad to drag me outside to show the way to manjung. I feel awesome :p (Alya, don't be mad at me just because I'm so awesome :P Just kidding :D) I followed her direction and voila! I recognize these roads. Still missed a few turns, finally a long road before turning in to Manjung. A long road full of beautiful sight of paddy field. Too bad it wasn't sunset. If not, I stopped awhile, snap a few pictures along for memories. Plus, I can't wait to reach Manjung, so I ride along, non stop, until I reached my "secondary" home.

For now, I already ride to Manjung-KL few times and I have familiarized myself with the roads. Later rides wouldn't be much a problem. 3-4 hours ride. 110-130km/h average speed.

For this semester break, I have a few projects for my FZ150i

Apido Turtle Headlamp - Rm120-150

Master Fuel Control System - Rm430-480

Dragotec Suction Turbo - Rm90

Hope I will have these item installed before semester 4 began. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Return

Ahhh how long have its been since I updated this blog?
Hmm lets see the last post, its on October
That's weird. I swear I already left this blog longer than that
Continuing- October 2011......Right
Its been like more than a year

To celebrate my comeback (LOL)
I've decided to change few things for my blog
From now on, I want to write in English
So that few readers, just maybe, from outside of Malaysia
Well, I hope so
If there's any then, YOWZA!!!

Err..I guess that's just about that
About the story from before: The longest day from yesterday
I'm don't want to continue
This is because, the story does shows me how pathetic I am
I don't want to push further why
Plus, that story is way way past the prehistoric times
Well its few years back
Not that I didn't remember how it went
Just I don't feel like to write it anymore

So what's new?
I'm still in Unikl MIMET
Furthering my studies in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding as 2nd year student
There's 2 more year to go
Actually, now it's my study week before facing the final examination next week
The study week is almost done for
And I've never been able to start to study at all -.-

Few reasons there:

  1. Lazy (Of course)
  2. No motivation
  3. Well, I just came back from KL yesterday: Three hours ride on my brand new Yamaha Fazer 150i
Oh and yes! Yamaha Fazer 150i or Fz150i
I've bought this bike a month ago
I did intend to put this story on my blog
But well, i didn't - No time

That's just it
I'll just put my FZ story on the next post

*Hooray for my comeback!!!!

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