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Dah lawat2 baca2 tuh rajen2 tinggalkn la buah tangan yer. Tak kesah laa kt chatbox ke atau kt komen. Just to let me know that you are visiting. Thank you and happy reading. P/s aku dah letak "like" button tu gatal2kan la tangan nak tekan button tu ye :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


As I promised, will be back on February and here I am :)

Actually, I still not done with my study here
Now, everything is critical - Almost losing my head for it
Gonna miss this aha :)
Never felt such this way of life before - The tension, the strain, the fatigue, the 'adrenaline rush'..
Situation has changed, I guess..

I would put everything down just to be success here
Test, quiz, projects, assignment and so on
Despite the conflicts that struck me to despair
P/s I miss you.. Eventhough now i feel like not knowing you anymore :(

Still, I gotta fight hard.
I am lucky I met someone that will accompany me to fight for the same reasons along my side

Thnks for being here for me :)

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