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Monday, February 4, 2013

Night Ride 1

Night ride?
The WORST!!!
Well, the ride wasn't during the night at start to be exact
But it was dragged until 10pm

It was basically an usual ride from KL to Manjung
I don't want to rush, so I thought I may want to ride to Manjung abit late in the evening around 4.30pm
Approximately, I should reach the destination around 8.00pm or so

The weather was good. Until I enter Perak
So I was abit unhappy and demoralized by the heavy rain, despite having this rainproof jacket
But my pants and socks are all soggy
And I'm abit worry about my laptop at the back
But after clearing out the heavy rain, I was lucky after all for not starting to ride earlier on afternoon
By the time I got there, I already past the worst
The road was slippery with rainwater but the weather is clear.
With this condition, I can't rev up as much as I want to
So I think I can't meet up with my own schedule, to arrive Manjung before nightfall

Its already around 7.00pm when I got off the highway into Bidor exit
This should take around one and a half hour to reach there
I don't want to ride at night in this condition
Which my whole body is already shivering in cold
Plus this new headlamp doesn't give out much light projection during night

The surrounding air is suddenly become more humid and cold
But I don't plan to stop at all cost
I want to reach Manjung as soon as possible, that's all I cared about
I was following a car slowly from behind
The car giving the signal to turn left, but the car show no sign of turning left
So I decide to take over the car when the unthinkable happen
The car suddenly break to turn left
I want to take over but there's a car on the opposite side

Emergency break it is
I thought I can stop in time
I have done few times of emergency break, but this time was different
The road was very slippery
For all I know, there's nothing much I can do as the rear tire started to slide forward

I don't know what happened back then but few seconds later I already lying motionless in the middle of the road.
Not that I'm paralyzed, I'm just confused. What the hell happened?
Surprisingly, I felt relieve, no idea why. Maybe there's nothing serious about that accident
One thing I know, my jacket did save me from the brutal roughness of Malaysian road
If not, my shirt and skin could have been torn out

Few people came to help, I started to get up, and couldn't help but laugh looking at my motorcycle
Then I realized I was sitting duck on the middle of the road
So I quickly ran to my bike and pull it over to the side
I don't feel much regret
Just abit dissapointed with my jeans torn out a little
It was my new jeans dammit!

I start to check my bike condition
Still can be started, but I find it hard to shift it neutral
All the spectators was surprised to see that I was fine, despite it was a very rough landing
I was surprised myself
I don't feel bad about what happened, except for my jeans -_-
Lucky for me no other vehicle ran over me just I had the rough landing
That would be veryyyy badddd

First off, I called my dad. At that time, I just hope he won't get angry at me...

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