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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Return

Ahhh how long have its been since I updated this blog?
Hmm lets see the last post, its on October
That's weird. I swear I already left this blog longer than that
Continuing- October 2011......Right
Its been like more than a year

To celebrate my comeback (LOL)
I've decided to change few things for my blog
From now on, I want to write in English
So that few readers, just maybe, from outside of Malaysia
Well, I hope so
If there's any then, YOWZA!!!

Err..I guess that's just about that
About the story from before: The longest day from yesterday
I'm don't want to continue
This is because, the story does shows me how pathetic I am
I don't want to push further why
Plus, that story is way way past the prehistoric times
Well its few years back
Not that I didn't remember how it went
Just I don't feel like to write it anymore

So what's new?
I'm still in Unikl MIMET
Furthering my studies in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding as 2nd year student
There's 2 more year to go
Actually, now it's my study week before facing the final examination next week
The study week is almost done for
And I've never been able to start to study at all -.-

Few reasons there:

  1. Lazy (Of course)
  2. No motivation
  3. Well, I just came back from KL yesterday: Three hours ride on my brand new Yamaha Fazer 150i
Oh and yes! Yamaha Fazer 150i or Fz150i
I've bought this bike a month ago
I did intend to put this story on my blog
But well, i didn't - No time

That's just it
I'll just put my FZ story on the next post

*Hooray for my comeback!!!!

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